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The Soulful Hunter Podcast, Ep. 32 | Blacktail Deer hunting 101

Blacktail deer are considered the grey ghost of the PNW. To find any buck is a real challenge and requires a lot of persistence. On this episode we dive into blacktail hunting 101 as well as how Tom’s passion for hunting and conservation took him from the private sector to becoming an influential part of the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife. This episode is slam-packed with nuggets to help you become a better hunter. Knowledge is power and through this episode you too can become your own #soulfulhunter.


Tradquest Podcast, episode 69: Tom Ryle on hunting blacktail deer

In this episode we talk bowhunting blacktail deer with Tom Ryle. Tom has been hunting the elusive gray ghost for a long time and has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share. Check out his blog at pnwbowhunting.com and Enjoy!!!!


The Sustainable Wild Podcast, Episode 1 - An Outdoorsman Road to Home Processing

On this episode we talk with outdoorsman Tom Ryle of Pacific Northwest Bowhunting. Tom is an avid and very experienced hunter, but he didn't always process his own wild game meat. We will talk to Tom about why he chose to take the leap into home-processing and how it changed his life. He will share tips and tricks, that will help you whether you are a seasoned home butcher or thinking of starting down that road.

Hunt Backcountry Podcast Episode 45

In this episode, we speak with a native of the Northwest, Tom Ryle, about his decades of experience hunting blacktail, as well as elk and other game.  Tom also has some bonus content to share with us, including a delicious way to prepare your next wild game dinner.

Fish Hunt Northwest

Fish Hunt Northwest Season 1 Show #34 11/14/19

In-Studio once again - several asked and so we'll have Tom Ryle (WDFW) and Steve Kramer (Kramer Tackle) break down late season strategies for success.

Fish Hunt Northwest Season 1 Show #32 10/24/19

In-studio guests include Tom Ryle (WDFW) and Steve Kramer (Kramer Tackle). It's Blacktail season and with so many questions on how to be successful in bagging a Blacktail, Tom and Steve are here to help you out.

The Outdoor Line 710AM ESPN

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ESPN 710AM Outdoor Line - Blacktail strategies

October 21, 2017

Tom Nelson and Rob Nelson discuss the exciting start to deer hunting season, and they get some valuable Blacktail tips from Tom Ryle, with a focus on the rut and how to call blacktails. Tom demonstrates some calls you can try on your next hunt.

ESPN 710AM Outdoor Line - Blacktail primer

Oct 07, 2017

Ashley Nicole Lewis joins Rob Endsley and Tom Nelson in studio to discuss how to get more women interested in the outdoors, and they are joined by Tom Ryle to discuss the nuances of his process for scouting, locating deer, ratting & calling, and other valuable tips.